Mercury – 2 Modules

Automatic service station for skis and snowboards.

“Our Mercury" propels you into the top league. Whether race, all-mountain, rocker, V-shape, freeride, touring skis, Telemark, back country skis or snowboards: The automated Mercury service flow makes perfectly tuned skis and snowboards possible. Which benefits you in a multitude if ways, including

  • more manoeuvrability and precise turn initiation
  • minimum effort for sure-fire turns
  • precise and clear base structure
  • sharpest edges with great durability

as well as perfectly polished lower edges in the front and rear sections.

Skitronic Plus

Skitronic Plus - for more ski fun safety.

This electronic binding tuner determines the exact release settings for your ski bindings. 
After ascertaining the percentage deviation, we can adjust the ski-binding trigger setting (also known as “Z-figure”) quickly and accurately.

Service prices

Service 1

Ski € 6,00
Board € 10,00

Service 2

  surface-grinding, stone grinding, side edge, tuning, hot wax
Ski € 26,00
Board € 32,00

Service 3

  Base repair, surface-grinding, stone grinding, side edge, tuning, hot wax
Ski € 32,00
Board € 42,00

Race Service

  stone grinding, individual race ski preparation - variable race structures
Ski € 45,00
Board € 45,00

Cross- Country service

  We can also grinding No-wax ski!
Ski € 26,00

electronic binding tuner

  electronic binding tuner
Ski € 15,00