How it works

1. heating
The complete ski boot comes for ten minutes at 80°, 100°, 120° C in the heating oven.

2. embossing
Then the bowl is taken out of the oven and you climb on the Cooling Mat into the warmed up shoe. Then stand still for two minutes with loosely closed buckles. This is how the shoe adapts and the foot shape is embossed.

3. hardening
The Cooling Pack is wrapped around the shoe and cooled for five minutes. Then, thanks to FormFit , you are ready for fun on the slopes with your perfectly individual shoe.


Atomic Memory Fit

Thanks to Memory Fit, the shell, cuff and inner shoe adapt completely to the foot and memorise its shape. In the forefoot area, the shoe can be stretched by up to 6 mm and around the ankle by up to 10 mm. The effect: a durable and anatomically perfect fit. Memory Fit


Head Form Fit

100% customizable ski boots: HEAD presents Form Fit!


Head Liquid Fit

100% Flexible, Comfortable and Performance-Oriented. Liquid Fit

Head Nexo Lyt

Never before has such light weight produced so much power. Nexo Lyt


Salomon Custom Shell HD

The Custom Shell HD process on the shell and shaft ensures a quick and complete customization of the shoes in just ten minutes. The thinner shell wall construction and new shell materials bring the foot closer to the shell for more feel, more power and direct power transmission.